Jewellery Care


All our rings and jewellery are highly polished and deserve careful attention to minimise wear and tear.


Firstly, store your jewellery carefully – ensure they are not next to other diamond jewellery, as the diamonds may scratch highly polished gold. Ensure chains cannot become tangled and earring backs are re-applied to the posts

To clean diamond jewellery, make a weak solution of warm water and mild detergent such as washing up liquid. Gently brush the setting and stone with a soft toothbrush, run under clean running water to remove the detergent, then tap to remove excess water and dry with a soft clean cloth that is not prone to shedding lint.

For gold, silver or diamonds you can buy a dedicated jewellery cleaner which is available from jewellery retailers – simply follow the instructions given.

Wear and Tear

No jewellery can be guaranteed against wear and tear. All metals are still relatively soft and can become scratched.

The back of rings are especially susceptible to this, as they receive frequent rubbing against surfaces, even office desks and keyboards, will cause abrasion. Claws can get caught and, if loosened, will put the diamond or gemstone at risk, so be mindful to remove before housework, gardening, DIY or when swimming.

Simple thoughtful care and removal of jewellery during activity will reduce the likelihood of damage to your jewellery. Sand is very abrasive, and chlorine in pools can be destructive so best to leave your precious jewellery at home. Even ordinary household cleaning materials contain product that can be corrosive to the rhodium plating on white gold – so again we advise removing your jewellery while working with such materials.